Fashion Fraud Squad: Look Again’s version of Kate Moss for Topshop’s 50s-style yellow sundress

[sorry, this image is missing]

Spot the difference?

Nope, we can’t either: which is odd, considering that the dress on the left is by Kate Moss from Topshop (the 50s-style sundress that was part of the summer collection), and the one on the right is by the Apart label at UK catalogue company Look Again. Uncanny, huh?

Ths is the second time our Fraud Squad have been called in to deal with Topshop ‘tributes’ recently, which is interesting because, as we noted last time, it’s generally designer labels that provide “inspiration” to other labels, not high street stores. If you missed the Kate Moss dress when it came out, though, and are hoping this will be a cheaper alternative, we’re sorry to disappoint: the original dress was £45, but this one is almost twice that, at £88.09.

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