Fashion for Fembots: Sonia Rykiel’s pink marabou-trim sheer mini

Ok, enough already with the underwear as outerwear trend. The Fashion Police have had their fill, and are afraid they’ll be forced to lay down a few basic ground rules for the sake of common decency. Such as: no more sheer. If we can see through it, it’s not suitable for public consumption. If it has a marabou trim, it’s unlikely to be suitable for the streets (excepting on those rare occasions when “street” meets “walking” and money exchanges hands…) And if it resembles nightwear even the teeniest bit, let’s be sensible and keep it in the bedroom, folks!

Unless you actually want to resemble an Austen Powers fembot… in which case, fire away!

(All puns 100% intended!)

Sonia Rykiel mini skirt: £145 from

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