Fashion Flashback: Feathered Skulls

feathered skulls

feathered skulls

Not exactly the most festive items we could’ve picked to show you today, huh?

Way back in January, we brought you news of these feathered skulls, which were selling for over $1,000 each at Louisa Via Roma. Some of you loved them purely as art, and some of you even loved them purely as fashion. Others, like us, merely wondered where on earth you’d ever WEAR them, and who would buy them?

Well, we’re still wondering, and today we can tell you that you can STILL buy yourself a feathered skull mask from Louisa Via Roma, although the price has dropped somewhat, and they’ll now set you back a “mere” $781. And yes, we’re every bit as surprised as you are to find these still available, almost 12 months on…

[Buy one | Original arrest report]

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