Fashion Crime Friday | Fashion Fails of the Week

This week’s Fashion Crime Friday kicks off with a double-whammy: a fashion fail AND a Photoshop fail, wrapped into one:

photoshop fail

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Suspect # 1 | The Long-Legged Jeans

Look at where the model’s kneecap is. Now look at how much leg there is underneath it. Either these are the longest legs in the whole world, or someone got a bit carried away with the ol’ Photoshop. Still, at least it distracted us from the jeans… for a little while, at least.

furry pencil skirt

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Suspect # 2 | The Hairy Pencil Skirt

We weren’t sure whether to show you the skirt or the top. so we decided to be generous and show you them both. You’d want to wear these together after all, wouldn’t you?

J W Anderson Sweater

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Suspect # 3 | J.W. Anderson Open Crew-neck

We realise we’re not edgy, but doesn’t it seem like it would be uncomfortable to walk around carefully balancing the sleeves of your slashed-open sweater on your arms? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would invent a sweater that actually wrapped around your arms instead? Oh no, wait…

Maiosn Martin Margiela deconstructed shoes

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Suspect # 4 | Maison Martin Margiela deconstructed shoes

We’re not sure how much of a crime of fashion these are, exactly, but if you wore them, can you even imagine how many people would want to helpfully tell you that, whoops, the heel of your shoe is about to fall off! And can you imagine how annoying that would be, after the eleventy-first time it happened? That’s not the ONLY reason we wouldn’t want to buy these, of course: let’s just say it’s one of MANY reasons…

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  • May 3, 2014


    The shadow of the cut out jeans shows they are longer, and fuller in shape, than they are as well which is very confusing.

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