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Fashion Criminal: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten dunst in knee high socksOh, why, Kirsten, for the love of Dog, why? OK, we can get you off on a technicality here with the shorts and t-shirt – sure, they’re not exactly your finest moment, but they’re hardly what you’d call offensive.

No, the problem here is the shoes and socks, Kirsten. Either one alone would be enough to get you questioned by The Fashion Police, but together? Together they’re a true crime of fashion, and I think you know it, Kirsten, don’t you? I mean, why do you even have a pair of shoes like that in your wardrobe? You could be done for possession alone with those, and the socks? Oh Lord, where do we start with the socks?

Disappointing, Kirsten. But no, not entirely unexpected.

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