Fashion Criminal Fail

Fashion Criminal in bodystocking

Note to prospective Fashion Criminals: you put the stocking over your HEAD, not over your entire BODY. Because if you do it this way, we’ll still be able to identify your ass. No, we mean that literally: we will be able to identify your ass:

Fashion Criminal

Neither of us wants that now, do we?

[This is by Gareth Pugh: click here to buy it.]


  • June 13, 2012

    Marianne S.

    Is there a new Star Trek series coming? Something on the low-budget end? Because that looks like the obligatory bunny suit that at least one female character must wear.

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  • June 17, 2012


    Oh the humanity… And it’s dotted, possibly because you can never go wrong with dots, not even on a sheer nylon overal.

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