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Fashion Criminal: Keira Knightley at the UK Premiere of ‘Atonement’


Now, I’m no fan of Keira Knightley, but even I will admit that she’s a good lookin’ girl. There is such a thing, though, as dressing to suit your shape, and that applies to thin women just as much as it does to fat ones. So, if you have huge thighs, for instance, you’d probably do well to steer clear of skinny jeans, and, similarly, if you have … how can I put this? … If you have no boobs, say… you don’t wear a dress designed to show off your cleavage. Capiche?

In this picture, Keira looks like someone stuck a woman’s head on a little boy’s body. It’s actually pretty disturbing, in an "I can’t stop looking at it" kind of way. And I think it’s time to sack the stylist, Keira…

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