Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Crimes at Fashion Week – London, S/S 08

Note: Before y’all start writing in to point out that Fashion Week is about ART, and the clothes on show are PIECES OF ART and NOT MEANT TO BE WORN, BITCH – relax. We know. Doesn’t stop them being damn funny, though, does it? Witness:


Armand Basi
Save the cheerleader’s pom-pom, save her dignity…


Danielle Scutt
Barbie’s torso had gotten twisted way the hell off again…


Gareth Pugh
The Hogwarts school uniform had a bondage theme that year


Gareth Pugh (again)
Masha knew she shouldn’t have listened when they told her the 80s were making a comeback


Peter Jensen
‘Cos every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man…

Tune in tomorrow for more from the wonderful world of London Fashion Week!

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