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Fashion Crime: Sticky labels on the soles of shoes, as modelled by Jameela Jamil and Diana Vickers

Jameela Jamil

Aaargh! Now, we know, we know: those white labels on the soles of shoes are pesky little buggers, and getting them off frequently has us cursing like sailors, not to mention breaking our nails in the process. (A little bit of hot water and a nail brush usually does the trick, we find, but we still wish shoe retailers would just stop sticking labels there in the first place.)

That, however, is no excuse for going out with the labels still proudly in place, as  Diana Vickers and Jameela Jamil (don’t worry, you’re not supposed to have heard of them -they’re minor British “celebrities”) did to last week’s London premiere of ’17 Again’.

In these particular cases we accept that the shoes in question were probably borrowed, and that may explain the presence of the labels (although, that said, A-listers also borrow shoes for events, and you don’t see sticky labels on their soles, do you?), but this is a fashion crime we see ALL THE TIME in real life, with perfectly nice outfits totally cheapened by the presence of the White Label of Death.

Dont do it, folks. Remember: your soles don’t need to be red to look classy – they just have to be label free…

Diana Vickers

Jameela Jamil

  Jameela Jamil – nice dress, shame about the white labels on the shoes…

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