Fashion Crime: Saggy Jumpsuits

shapeless brown jumpsuit

Today, readers, we’re officially opening a file on shapeless jumpsuits, like the one shown above. These items are an enemy of the people. They are an enemy of style. They’re an enemy of hips, waists and legs, and this is true no matter what size your hips, waist and legs are, because we can think of no shape that would be flattered by this item. The model’s shape isn’t flattered by it, for instance, and she’s a model: imagine how the rest pf might look in it? (On second thoughts, don’t. We don’t even want to wear this in other people’s imaginations. That’s how bad it is.)

We’re not saying all jumpsuits are bad. We’re not saying all clothes have to be form-fitting. We’re simply saying that there’s a special place in Fashion Police jail for shapeless, saggy, Teletubby-style suits: and this one is the newest occupant of that place.

(Click here if you want to buy it. It’s £85.)



  • October 19, 2011


    I would go so far as to say all jumpsuits are bad. The fact that the whole thing has to be removed to use a bathroom kills the whole concept for me, even if there was one that was magically gorgeous & flattering.

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  • October 19, 2011


    That abomination is about as sexy as a snuggie!

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