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Fashion Crime? Jayma Mays breaks “fingertip rule” for hemlines

A long, long time ago, we asked the question “How Short is Too Short?” in relation to hemlines, and some of our readers brought up The Fingertip Rule:

The Fingertip Rule: If your skirt fails to reach your fingertips when your arms are by your side, your skirt is too short.

If you choose to abide by this rule – and we’re not necessarily saying you should, mind – then Jayma Mays is dangerously close to breaking it in the image above, in which her fingertips look like they probably extend a good inch lower than the dress.

Too short? Just right? Is this “rule” one of those old-fashioned ones that no longer apply, do you think, or is it still relevant? How do you decide whether a hemline is too short?

And while we have your attention, what do you think of coral lipstick?

(We know, that was a lot of questions. We’ll go and make some coffee while you answer them…)

[Images: Girlie/Fame Pictures]
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