Fashion Crime Friday | Up to No Good

This Nasty Gal dress is called the ‘Up to No Good Dress’:

Nasty Gal Up to No Good Dress

It’s a good name for it, don’t you think? This dress is most certainly “up to no good”: that’s why our officers arrested it, after all. During questioning, we hope to find out the answer to the two most pressing questions relating to this suspect, namely:

1. What kind of underwear do you wear with a dress like this?

2. How on earth do you actually MOVE in it, without inadvertently answering question 1 for anyone who happens to be looking at you?

As for the second suspect in today’s lineup, we’re not actually sure this is technically a crime of fashion, or whether its only “crime” is “being a bit strange”. (Which, really, is no crime at all. If it was, we’d have had to arrest ourselves a long time ago.) You decide:

ostrich feather sweater

Those are ostrich feathers. We feel ticklish just looking at them. Do they constitute a fashion crime, though, or are they simply quirky, unusual, and super-duper expensive (this will set you back £1678)?

Finally, for those of you who hate deliberately distressed jeans:

distressed jeans

Let’s just say it’s not just the jeans that are distressed here: we were pretty unhappy ourselves when we discovered these creations.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup, folks! We don’t know whether to be happy or sad that we only managed to round up three style suspects for you this week, but we think we’re going to go with happy: at least it means the world is (relatively) safe from crimes of fashion, although how long this situation will last is anyone’s guess. Let’s just hope it lasts until Monday at least, when we’ll be back on the virtual streets, fighting fashion crime.

Have a great weekend!

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