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A new dress for just £5? Too good to be true?

green wrap hem midi dress

When it comes to clothing, it kind of stands to reason, really, that you’re not going to get much for just £5 – and, if you do, it’s probably going to be cheaply – and unethically – made.

Enter – where, yes, you guessed it, everything on the site is just £5. That’s an ACTUAL £5, too: this isn’t like one of those so-called 99p stores you come across, where almost nothing is actually 99p – no, absolutely everything you’ll find on this website is £5, from coats and dresses to shoes and handbags, plus everything in between.

Too good to be true, we wonder?

Well, we can say nothing about where these clothes come from, or how they’re made: we’ll make that clear upfront. A quick Google search revealed some vague excuse about them having “vast experience”” in the fashion industry, and therefore knowing where to source items cheaply, but we’d be interested to know where they’re ACTUALLY getting the clothes, and how they’re being made. Having said that, there’s no denying that, judging by the photos, at least, some of the clothes look pretty nice. We really like the look of the green wrap hem midi dress above, for instance, and we also came across quite a few other items we wouldn’t be adverse to giving closet space to – assuming, of course, that the quality is as good as the website claims it is, and, of course, that we can find some answers on how it’s all being produced.

Is a dress for £5 really too good to be true? Honestly, we suspect the answer to this one is probably going to be “yes, it is” – but if anyone has any evidence to the contrary, we’d love to hear it!

Fashion Police

Fashion Police Shop the Sales

fashion sales and discount codesGreetings, Fashion Force: we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, but as much as we’d love to hear all about it, there’s important business to take care of first: namely, the sales!

Now, admittedly, the Christmas/New Year sales aren’t what they once were. We’re old enough to remember the days when most stores launched their big sales on Boxing Day – and not before – and there would be this huge rush to spend your Christmas cash, plus anything you’d managed to save over the past year, on that coveted item you’d been admiring for months. No more, though. Nah, now that most brands have sales all year round, and everyone’s jumped on board the Black Friday train, the end-of-year sales often just mean an opportunity for stores to wheel out all the stock they didn’t manage to sell (often for good reason) throughout the rest of the year. There are still some bargains to be had, though, and if you’re not quite all shopped out yet, here are just a few of them, to be getting on with…

Shopbop sale

SHOPBOP : up to 75% off with code TREATYOURSELF

NET-A-PORTER: up to 50% off selected lines

TOPSHOP : up to 50% off

ASOS: up to 50% off

DOROTHY PERKINS: up to 50% off everything

RIVER ISLAND: up to 50% off

ZARA: various discounts

MANGO: up to 50% off

OASIS: up to 50% off

WAREHOUSE: up to 50% off

BODEN: up to 60% off

H&M: up to 60% off

GAP: up to 60% off


JOY: up to 60% off


KAREN MILLEN: up to 50% off

BANANA REPUBLIC : up to 60% off

SELFRIDGES: up to 50% off

NEW LOOK: up to 70% off

HOBBS: various reductions

LA REDOUTE: up to 60% off

MONSOON: up to 50% off

J CREW: 50% off selected styles

FOREVER 21: up to 50% off

NORDSTROM: up to 50% off throughout January

Happy shopping, everyone: don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

Fashion Police

The Black Friday sales start today!

Shopbop Black Friday week sale

With Black Friday almost upon us, we hope you’ve been saving our cash (and not, say, doing what WE did, which was to buy a bunch of stuff at full price last week, minutes before we remembered it would all probably be on sale just a few days later: d’oh!) and figuring out what to spend it on! Just to help you along, Shopbop’s big Black Friday week sale starts today, and will run until next Tuesday. This is a tiered discount sale, meaning that the more you spend, the more you save – so if you have friends or family who also have some serious Shopbop sale shopping to do, it could be worth joining forces, and taking advantage of the larger discounts. The most sensible thing to do would probably be to use it as excuse to get all of the Christmas shopping out of the way, and save some money on it: but then again, when have we ever been sensible? Exactly.

As for the rest of the sales, well, there are really too many of them to list right now, but luckily help is at hand, in the shape of Woznow – a fashion aggregator which basically lists almost every single item currently on sale in the UK. This is a site you can get lost on for hours, but you’ll hopefully end up with a few bargains to show for it: oh, and it’s not just for Black Friday, either, so make sure you bookmark sales at Woznow, and keep checking back to find out if that dress/coat/pair of shoes you’re after is finally on sale!

Now go forth and shop, fashion force!

Fashion Police

25% off at Boden & what to buy

Boden discount codes

Boden discount codes are amongst the most sought-after on the internet (and here at Fashion Police HQ especially), so a 25% off sale is reason to rejoice, indeed. This one is also reason to get your skates on (not literally, we hasten to add) because this one is a sale of diminishing returns: the 25% off is only valid until this Thursday, then it decreases to 15% off until Saturday 29th, and then 10% on the final day – Sunday 30th. So if you want to get the item you want, AND the full discount, you’re probably going to want to get it NOW: because just think how much you’re going to hate yourself when you wait until Sunday, only to realise you’re only getting 10% off, and everything’s sold out, anyway. Well played, Boden, well played…

As for what to buy with that super-special discount, meanwhile, may we recommend this little lot?

Boden Marisa dress

Boden Marisa dress

We’ve had our eye on this for a while now: it’s very ‘Jackie O’ inspired, with that boatneck top and knee-length skirt, and as an added bonus, it has sleeves – yay! This would make a great workwear dress, but it could easily be dressed up for evening, too. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, meanwhile…

Boden boatneck ruched dress

Boatneck ruched dress

You just can’t go wrong with a simple black jersey dress – and although we’ve described this one as more laid back than the previous one, it’s ALSO very much a dress up / dress down piece: wear with tights and boots for a casual look, or heels and jewels for evening.


Boden 'Lovely' jumper

Boden ‘Lovely’ jumper

We’ve been seeing this slogan sweater all over Instagram lately, so we’re not surprised to find that there aren’t many sizes available, but you might just get lucky and find yours, AND get that 25% discount. See you on Instagram, if you do…

Fashion Police

Shopbop Sale Picks

What do Fashion Police Officers wear off-duty?

Well, they wear lots of things, as it happens, but seeing as the Shopbop sale starts today, here are some things we’d LIKE to be wearing…

stripe skirt

Alice + Olivia Nikola Stripe skirt

Alice + Olivia make the BEST skirts, seriously. This one is a little on the long side, sure (When it’s below-the-knee on the model, you can take it as read that it’ll be almost ankle-length on anyone who DOESN’T have a model-esque stature…), but the right stripes and simple shape make it a great summer pick.

classic trench coat

Free People Full Sweep Trench Coat

A trench coat is one of the few items that normally appear on lists of “wardrobe essentials” that we actually believe should be there. We’re not saying they’re going to be essential for everyone, obviously, but if they’re essential for YOU, here’s an opportunity to get this full-skirted trench by Free People at a lower price.

Kate Spade New York Becca flats

Kate Spade New York Becca flats

Kate Spade’s studded ‘Becca’ flats have been hugely popular this season, so we were a little surprised to see this coral version turn up in the sale section – not that we’re complaining, of course. If you love the style, but aren’t so keen on the colour, these are also available in black, but you’ll have to pay full price for them unfortunately.

Shopbop’s Sale on Sale gives you an extra 25% all sale items, with the code 25EXTRA. It runs for three days, and you can click here to get shopping!

Shopbop sale on sale

Fashion Police

Fighting crimes of fashion with the Shopbop sale

Shopbop spring sale

It’s Shopbop sale time again!

We’ve already shared some shopping picks today over at both Forever Amber and ShoeperWoman, so we’re going to keep it short and sweet here, and simply let you know you’ll get 25% off all purchases (both full-price and sale) by using the code ‘INTHEFAM’ at checkout. The Fashion Police have already placed their orders, so now it’s your turn!

Shop the sale here!

Fashion Police

Shopping the Shopbop Spring Sale

shopbop spring sale

Love Kate Spade? Love Shopbop? Think some of the items above would look just AWESOME on Instagram? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to get yourself over to Shopbop, STAT: their spring sale started today, which means you can get up to 25% off your orders by using the code ‘BIGEVENT16’ at checkout.

All of the items in the image above can be found in the Kate Spade section, but we’re sure you’ll have fun browsing the rest of the site, too – we certainly did…

(If you just like tongue-twisters, meanwhile, try saying, ‘shopping the Shopbop spring sale’ ten times really fast…)

Fashion Police

How Much Is Your Wardrobe Worth?

Have you ever wondered how much your wardrobe is worth?

I hadn’t, actually: I’m not sure if that’s unusual, but it’s just not something that ever really entered my head. My wardrobe was built up over a number of years after all (many, many years, in some cases – there are a few items in there that are older than I’d really like to think about right now!), so it’s not like I went out and dropped a wad of cash on it, after all. This week, though, River Island added a wardrobe calculator to their website, so I thought I might as well give it a go:

wardrobe calculator

WHOA.  Did NOT expect that.

Now, to be fair:

a) I have no idea how they calculated what the “average wardrobe” is worth, or how accurate that figure may or may not be.

b) I also have no idea how accurate my OWN figure is, because I couldn’t be bothered going and counting every item I owned, so I estimated most if it. Everything in the list is split into “high street” and “designer”, but prices can vary wildly within each of those brackets, so, without knowing the exact value of each item, it would be impossible to get a truly accurate figure.

c) As a full-time fashion blogger, I not only have a much larger wardrobe than people in many other professions, I also get sent a lot of items for “free”, so even if the figure generated WAS accurate, it wouldn’t mean I’d actually SPENT that much – heaven forbid!

With that said, this little exercise was definitely a bit of a wake-up call for me. I’ve been on a bit of a mission to simplify and downsize my wardrobe for a while now, and this could be just the extra push I needed to continue with that. I’m not sure that’s quite the effect River Island were hoping to have, but that’s the one it had – on me, at least. If you’d like to find out how much YOUR wardrobe is worth, meanwhile, you’ll find the wardrobe calculator here.

Fashion Police

Trend Alert: Cute Collars for Spring

spring trend: cute collars on knitwear and dresses

Well, it’s been a very long winter here in the frozen north, but at last the spring/summer collections are starting to appear in our favourite stores. It’s still too cold to actually WEAR any of the items, you understand, but isn’t it nice to be able to just look at them, and to know that a time is coming when we’ll be able to get dressed without having to add a dozen layers over the top of that pretty dress, totally defeating the purpose of wearing it in the first place? Exactly.

Today our style sleuths have been doing some digging, and we’ve uncovered an incoming spring trend – cute collars. Whether they’re on knitwear, dresses or tops, cute collars are all over the spring collections. The ones in our collage are all from Oasis, but you’re going to be seeing this style popping up in other places too, so keep an eye out for them – assuming, of course, that you actually like them.

If you do, this look is a really way to instantly make a simple piece of knitwear stand out: the sweaters in the image above, for instance, would’ve been nice, but fairly basic, if it weren’t for the floral and animal print additions to the necklines. The florals add a fresh, spring-like touch, the animals are cute and quirky, and the other patterns on offer – well, they just help make the overall effect that little bit more interesting.

Regardless of the colour or style of the collar itself, this is a very preppy kind of look, and it’s probably not one that will work for absolutely everyone: high necklines can look somewhat frumpy without careful styling, but if you like a very polished, pulled-together kind of look, this is an easy way to achieve it, without spending too much money.

Fashion Police

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Fashion Blogger in your life

Christmas gift guide for fashion lovers

OK, ‘fess up? Who still hasn’t finished their Christmas shopping?

Well, worry not: thanks to express shipping and the good ol’ internet, there’s still time to pull this thing off, so here are some suggestions for what to buy the fashion blogger in your life…

01. Absolutely anything by Kate Spade

Fashion bloggers love Kate Spade: partly because the stuff is super-cute, of course, but also (mostly) because it looks good on Instagram, let’s face it. John Lewis has an awesome selection of Kate Spade stuff – take your pick!

02. stationery

Another one for the “looks good on Instagram”set, makes cute stationery, often with slogans which fashion bloggers just can’t resist – and we speak from personal experience, here. This pen set is available at ASOS, and would make a nice stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

Speaking of ASOS…

03. An ASOS Premier Subscription

An ASOS premier subscription costs £9.95, and gets the recipient free next-day-delivery for a year – absolutely essential for those last minute outfits they just can’t live without.

04. A Michael Kors watch

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant (or just need to score some major Brownie points), the statement watch is always a safe bet: Shopbop’s selection has something for everyone.

05. A Starbucks gift card 

Help her get her Pumpkin Spice Latte fix – and also provide her with a handy prop for outfit photos, with a Starbucks gift card and /or travel mug. It might seem impersonal, but for some of us, there’s no greater gift than coffee. Except maybe wine and shoes…

06. A subscription to Vogue magazine

It’s the fashion bible, and even if she doesn’t have time to read it, it will – once again – make a hady backdrop for all of those flatlays on Instagram…

What’s that we hear you say? You don’t actually know any fashion bloggers? Don’t worry: these will all work for just about anyone with an interest in style and an Instagram account!

Christmas gift guide for fashion bloggers

Fashion Police

Sales season has officially started…

sales season

Attention, Fashion Force!

Black Friday might still be a few days away, but the sales won’t wait, and there are already tons of bargains to be had. You don’t have to be in the US to take advantage of the discounts either, because while Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be associated with the Thanksgiving holidays, they’ve recently spread to the UK, too, with many international retailers jumping aboard the bandwagon, and claiming Black Friday as their own. (Yeah, we know it’s weird, but if it means we get a discount on that coat we’ve been eyeing, we’re not going to complain…)

One of the first brands to get sales season underway is Shopbop, whose sale started today, offering savings of up to 25% on all full-price and sale items: can’t say fairer than that, can you? Sale details are below: just click here to visit the site, and enter the code GOBIG15 at checkout to claim your discount!


Fashion Police

Style Lessons We Learned from Dita Von Teese

Style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

A few weeks ago we brought you some style lessons we learned from Audrey Hepburn, so today we’re turning the spotlight on another of our favourites: here are some style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

Red  lipstick isn’t optional

Have you ever seen Dita without bright red lips? We doubt it. Dita knows that red lips can totally transform your look, and will instantly create the impression that you’ve made a serious effort with your appearance – even when you haven’t. They say there’s a red that suits everyone: we’re not sure that’s true, but it would be fun to find out.

Grooming is everything

This is not a woman you’ll ever see with chipped nail polish or messy hair. Impeccable grooming can seem impossible to maintain when you have a busy life (and when you DON’T have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists on hand), but paying attention to detail can make the difference between looking fantastic and just looking OK. NOT paying attention to detail, meanwhile, is an easy way to ruin an otherwise great look, so if you can spare the extra time, it’ll be worth it.

Heels with everything

OK, so this is one lesson we’re sure you won’t want to hear, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that Dita Von Teese is rarely spotted without her stilettos! With that said, not everyone can wear heels, or even WANTS to, so if you’re in the anti-heels brigade, the lesson we’d take from this one is that shoes can make or break your outfit. They don’t necessarily have to be high shoes, just make sure they’re the RIGHT shoes for your outfit – and also that they’re in perfect shape, too. The cobbler is your best friend in this respect, and a little bit of polish goes a long way!

You don’t have to fake tan

One of the things that makes Dita Von Teese stand out from so many other celebrities is her refusal to hit the bottle – the fake tan bottle, that is. Instead, Dita embraces and even plays up her pale skin, refusing to change it to suit other’s people’s sense of aesthetics. Whatever your skin colour, remember that you don’t have to change it for anyone: your skin looks exactly the way it’s supposed to, and while there’s nothing wrong with using fake tan if you want to, you should never feel pressured to change your skin colour – it’s perfect the way it is.

Or follow fashion

This is a lesson we also learned from Audrey Hepburn, but one thing a lot of stylish women have in common is their refusal to follow fashion. Instead, they stick to the clothes they know suit them best – even if that means wearing something totally outwith the “norm”, or sticking to the same kind of styles over and over again. Fashion can be fun, and it’s fine to experiment – but if you know what you like, you don’t have to change it just to keep up with trends!

Fashion Police

It’s Shopbop Sale time again!

Shopbop sale

It’s our favourite time of year, folks! No, we’re not talking about Autumn – don’t worry, you won’t get any photos of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes here – we’re talking about something even better: the Shopbop sale.

The latest Friends and Family event kicked off today, and will run until Friday, giving you the chance to save 25% on your favourite brands. All you have to do is enter the code INTHEFAM25 at checkout – do check here first to see the list of brand, exclusions, though, as well as the terms and conditions: we don’t want you setting your heart on something and getting all the way to the checkout, only to discover that the discount doesn’t apply. We’ve been there, and we never want to go there again.

Soooo, what are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be shopping?

Fashion Police

8 Instagrammable iPhone Cases for your iPhone 6

iPhone cases you'll want to Instagram

All iPhone Cases: Shopbop

iPhone cases aren’t just accessories for your phone, as much fun as it can be to play dress up with your tech every now and then. No, iphone cases are also important accessories for your Instagram feed: and yes, fashion bloggers, we’re talking to you here. Oh come on, we all know you like to artfully arrange your phone with a carefully-placed cup of coffee, and probably an open  lipstick too, for good measure. (Note: you know never to use that lipstick, don’t you? Because it won’t look nearly as good on Instagram once it’s been used a few times, will it?)

OK, we’re joking: we’re not saying you should buy these iPhone cases (or anything else, for that matter) just so you can Insragram them, and we would NEVER do something like that, would we? Let’s face it, though, it doesn’t hurt to have some cute accessories lying around, and we can’t be the only ones who find a new iPhone case sneaking into our Shopbop basket with almost every order, can we? Er, can we?

Anyway, today we’ve rounded up eight of our current favourite iPhone cases for your viewing pleasure. You’ll probably notice that quite a few of these are by Kate Spade, and we make no apologies for that: Kate Spade is the queen of the cute iPhone case, and the brand also does a great line in stationery. Notebooks, pencils, pens – they always come in handy, they’re a whole lot cheaper than the bags and shoes we’d normally be featuring here, and let’s face it: they’ll all help brighten up your Instagram feed too. These things are important, people: don’t pretend they’re not…

(Why do so many iPhone cases feature pictures of cats, though? Or pineapples? Or flamingos? Who gets to decide which animal or piece of fruit gets to be this year’s “thing”?)

Fashion Police

When Layers Go Wrong

layered jumpsuit

[Buy it here for £410]

Fashion bloggers love layers. LOVE them. Every year around about now they all start banging on about how they’re SO TIRED of summer (What summer?) and just CAN’T WAIT for fall (“It’s my favourite season!”) so they can “get all bundled up” in lots and lots of LAYERS.

I realise I’m alone in this, but absolutely nothing about it sounds attractive for me. For one, I am not a “bundle”. And for two, I repeat, NOT A BUNDLE. So I don’t want to LOOK like a “bundle”, and I definitely don’t want to FEEL like a “bundle”, with tons of clothes all restricting my movements and making the simple act of getting dressed feel a bit like wrapping a parcel. With all of that said, layers ARE definitely practical, and they CAN work, if they’re done right. The jumpsuit above, however (Because, yes, that’s a jumpsuit, not just an awkwardly-layered outfit. This makes it guilty of committing Stuck Together Clothes Crimes, on top of everything else…), is NOT an example of layering “done right”. Actually, this is the kind of thing we think of when people start banging on about how they’re going to “winter-ize a summer top” by wearing layers underneath it. NO, people. This doesn’t work. I mean, you COULD “winter-ize” a summer top, sure. Or you COULD just wear a WINTER top. That’s already winter-ized. And that won’t make you look like you covered yourself in glue, then rolled around in a pile of clothes and went out wearing whatever happened to stick.

While we’re on the subject, this?

layered dress

This isn’t any better. It looks like your dress has been in an accident and the paramedics have patched it together any way possible, and still with the whole “bra over the shirt” thing. Although we guess that might be the whole point…

Fashion Police

90s-style chokers make a comeback at River Island

choker necklaces

If you were alive in the 90s – and old enough to buy /choose your own clothes – chances are, you probably owned a choker or two. Or five.

Chokers were the very height of fashion in the 90s. Buffy wore them. Sabrina the Teenage Witch wore them. All the girls on 90210 (Or Beverly Hills 90210, as it was then…) wore them. You and your friends probably wore them. Your dog wore them. Your granny… probably didn’t wear them, actually. Moving on…

If you were REALLY cool, you might have had one of the “tattoo” choker necklaces, which made you look like you had a tattoo circling your neck (or, to those in the know, like you’d hit up Claire’s Accessories on the way home from school, and bought the same damn necklace everyone else had…), and if you couldn’t afford to buy a ready-made choker, you might have just used any old ribbon you could find. Velvet was particularly trendy, as were chokers with little pendants dangling from them, like the one on the right of the image above.

Speaking of the image above: these two chokers aren’t from the 90s – they’re from the River Island website, where they’ll set you back £8 and £10 respectively. Two chokers in one store isn’t enough to declare a trend, and nor is it a sign of the coming apocalypse – sorry, we mean 90s revival – but it interested us nevertheless: we’ve heard a lot about how the 70s will be “big” this spring/summer , but if the 90s decide to step up to the plate and give the flared jeans and patchwork pockets a run for their money, we’ll enjoy seeing which decade will win.

Which team are you on: Team 90s Revival or Team 70s Throwback? And what about chokers? Did you own one? Would you buy one now? If you would, you know where to go…

Fashion Police

Would you buy a £600 bra?

Agent Provocateur bra

Agent Provocateur bra, £595

“Heeeeey, nice bra!” we thought, when this gold lace number popped up in the “new in” section at Net-a-Porter. And then, “Whoooaaa! Expensive bra!”

Normally the lingerie section is one of the few parts of the Net-a-Porter website that we might actually have a chance of affording something. Not this time, though. At £595 (Which works out at around $950), Agent Provocateur’s Soirée Zarrinia metallic beaded lace underwired bra is as expensive as a pair of designer shoes, a leather handbag, or many, many other items we could name  – both fashion-related and otherwise.

This leaves us with the obvious question: can a bra EVER really be worth £600? To be clear, this isn’t one of those “made from solid gold and diamonds” gimmicks that the likes of Victoria’s Secret produce once a year: it’s an actual, designed-to-be-worn bra, and the colour may be gold, but the composition is actually 50% viscose, 33% polyamide, 11% metallized fibers, 5% silk, 1% elastane.

Now, don’t get us wrong: it’s a really nice bra, and given the showgirl tassels, we’re fairly sure it’s the kind of lingerie that’s designed to be seen, as opposed to tucked away under a sensible jumper. Ditto the matching thong  – which is only slightly less expensive at £395. So, in other words: £990 for a set of undies. To justify that price, we’d have to wear it OVER the rest our clothes.

Here’s what else you could get at Net-a-Porter for £595:

mulberry handbag

A Mulberry handbag. Not quite as exciting, perhaps, but a timeless classic which you could easily own for the rest of your life, and use every single day.

Christian Louboutin shoes

A pair of Louboutin heels.

cashmere sweaters by J Crew

Three cashmere sweaters.

Of course, while these items would possibly be a little easier to justify than the bra, they’re all pretty extravagant in themselves, so perhaps you’d prefer to spend your £595 on something else? A mini break, perhaps? A down payment on a new car? Your rent?

What would you spend £595 on today, Fashion Force? This bra… or something else? 

Fashion Police

Little Things That Cost a Lot

Designer key fobs. It’s tempting to think they’re mostly purchased by the kind of people who MUST have something DESIGNER to flaunt, but who can’t afford a bag, or dress, or other item of clothing. We’re sure that assumption is unfair to the owners of designer key fobs, however, so there must be some other reason why someone would want to spend £115 on something like this:

Sophie Hume designer key fob

Buy It

Honestly, it IS kinda cute, though, with its big googly eyes, and its faintly terrified expression. That’s pretty much how WE look when we spot some of the items we arrest, now we come to think of it. We’re almost talking ourselves into wanting to buy it now, which really wasn’t our intention, but still: cute! And £115! Maybe if we were rich? Or if it was cheaper?

Moving on to something small that we’re definitely NOT tempted to buy, however:

Anya Hindmarc digestives clutch bag

Buy It

Yup Anya Himdmarch is at it again, with her bags-that-look-like-food thing. This little clutch bag is designed to look like a pack of digestive biscuits, and that would all be well and good (We’re rather partial to a novelty clutch, truth be told), if it wasn’t £895. Once again, we find ourselves thinking that if we DID really want to walk around clutching a packet of biscuits, we’d just BUY the packet of biscuits. At least we’d get a snack out of it! And yes, we know: if we just bought the biscuits, we wouldn’t have the giant tassel on the end of the pack! Worry not, fair readers, for the tassel (or one like it), can be purchased separately, for just £195. Bargain!

Anywa Hindmarch designer key fob

Buy It