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fancy pants: evening trousers

L-R: ASOS trousers in floral jacquard | Banana Republic Camden fit gold skinny ankle pants | J Crew Collection cafe capri pants

Something strange is going on in the world of trousers. And it’s probably J Crew’s fault.

It’s been happening for a while, actually. It’s almost as if trousers are tired of being the boring old backbone of many an outfit: now they want to be the STAR. They don’t want to be black, or grey, or navy, or any other dull, block colour. No, trousers want to shine: literally. Brocade. Jacquard. High-shine gold and silver. Tile print. Embroidery. You name it, trousers are ON IT – or ITS on THEM, rather.

This new breed of trouser is bold, colourful, and nothing like your standard black pants. Dressy enough to work as evening wear (Goodbye, little black dress!), shiny cigarette pants have a very luxurious, almost decadent feel to them, but they CAN also look just a little bit like expensive pyjama pants if you’re not careful. Despite this, they’ve become increasingly popular in recent months, and that popularity seems set to increase as the upcoming Christmas party season creates more of a demand for shiny gold (and silver, and pink…) things.

Well, these trousers are certainly shiny: much dressier than we’ve come to expect trousers to be, some of the fabrics are almost reminiscent of Christmas wrapping paper, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. So, what IS your point if view on this trend? Do you think it’s about time trousers stepped out of the shadows of some of the more “interesting” items out there, and started making a statement all of their own? Or are you looking at these photos and thinking they’re nice looking pyjama pants, but not something you’d wear in public?

Are fancy pants a crime of fashion?


  • November 13, 2013


    Very easy to get wrong, especially if the whole outfit is overdone.

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  • November 14, 2013


    They can be styled nicely, I think, but must be deadly on pear-shaped or hippy women since the focus is inevitably on the hip and thigh area. Maybe Paula Abdul will put on a pair of these for us, then we can see.

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