Famous Fashion: Style Icons Through The Decades

Fashion has always been considered fluid. It changes as the years go on, with some styles repeating themselves every few decades. Most of our fashion choices are influenced by celebrities. Models, musicians, actors all have significant impact on what styles become popular. Some famous faces have made such large impacts on the world of fashion that they are considered style icons. We took a look back at fashion all the way back to the 1960s and put together some of the biggest style icons through the decades. Check them out here:

The 60s

Twiggy Style

The 60s saw an emergence of “mod style.” Mod style consisted of short dresses with bold prints and colors, big bold accessories, round sunglasses and short hairstyles. No one personified mod style better than the popular 60s model, Twiggy. She was famous for her fashion, as well as her iconic cat-eye makeup style.

The 70s

Cher Style

The 70s were all about wild, colorful prints. One of the biggest style icons of the 70s was Cher. (Actually, Cher has been a style icon in several decades…) Cher made two-piece pantsuits with crazy prints popular. Even her signature long, straight hair became a style staple. In no time, everyone began growing their hair down to their waist, and wearing crop tops with bell-bottom pants!

The 80s

Madonna Style

There was no bigger style icon in the 80s than Madonna. Madonna was the epitome of 80s style, which was all about mismatched prints and excessive jewelry. “The crazier, the better” could have been the motto for 80s fashion. People piled on the bangles, teased their hair a mile high, and made sure their shirts and pants had totally opposite prints.

The 90s

Rachel Style

The style in the 90s was simple and chic. One of the biggest style icons of the 90s was Jennifer Aniston, or rather her on-screen alter-ego, Rachel Greene. Friends was a great show because of its witty storylines, but also because of Rachel’s style. Viewers loved to copy her baby doll dresses and minimal makeup. They especially loved to copy her signature hairstyle!

The 2000s

Lindsay Lohan Style

The 2000s saw a lot of crazy styles that we’d really rather leave in the past. There were the Juicy Couture jumpsuits, the trucker hats and the ties worn over t-shirts. One of the most famous style icons of the 2000s was Lindsay Lohan (pre-criminal record Lindsay Lohan). She wore some of the decade’s signature pieces: low-rise jeans and super skinny neck scarves.

The 2010s

Kim Kardashian Style

There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular style icons of the 2010s. Kim has undergone a major style transformation over the years, and everyone loves her current look. Women of all ages are replicating Kim’s new minimalistic style, which consists neutral crop tops, body suits, and tight skirts.

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