Five fall fashion trends that come around every year

fall fashion trends

[Image: A|Wear]

Can you call something a “fashion trend” if it comes around every year, as regular as Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte and Christmas carols on the radio in September?

The fashion world can. And just as The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly declared, “Florals? For spring? How revolutionary.”, every autumn we find ourselves scratching our heads and thinking, “Plaid? AGAIN? Isn’t that fashionable EVERY year?”

Here, in no particular order, is a quick roundup of five fall fashion trends which turn up every year. You could call them classics, or you could call them “trends”: it’s up to you…

Fall Fashion Trends: tweed

[Image: Phase Eight]

1. Tweed

Coats. Jackets. Pencil skirts. Wide-leg trousers. Kicky little hats. If fashion brands can make it, you can be sure they’ll make it in tweed when fall rolls around once more. Tweed is warm, hard-wearing, and has the power to instantly smarten-up almost anything, so it’s a natural choice as a cold-weather fabric. The fact that it calls to mind 40s movie stars and elegant aristocrats living in draughty old manor houses only adds to its appeal…

2. Tartan/plaid

Fall Fashion Trends: Plaid

[Images: Penneys, Warehouse]

The fashion press is particularly fond of describing this one as a fall fashion trend, generally through over-use of the phrase “mad for plaid”, which in all honesty makes us want to gag for plaid. Do not be fooled, Fashion Police officers: you’ll find tartan “in fashion” every single year, on trousers, on dresses and on shoes and bags. Sometimes on tiny little mini kilts, too. Steer clear of the latter, make sparing use of the former, and remember: if people start calling you “Braveheart”, you’re doing it wrong.

(Aside: these are particularly good examples of the Dead Eyed Model Stare, aren’t they? Do you think they’re both hypnotised? Zombies? Read too many “mad for plaid” editorials? What?!)

 3. Jewel tones

Fall fashion trends: jewel tones


 Ruby reds. Emerald greens. Sapphire blue. The rich, oversaturated hues of autumn, which the fashion world deem to be “jewel tones” and the rest of us might describe as “bright colours”. Again, they pop up every year: the thinking here seems to be that these “pops” of colour (darn that fashion-speak!) will brighten up those dull days of autumn and winter, and it’ll be like living in a movie, where the backdrop is grey, yet atmospheric, and yet there you’ll be , standing out from the crowd in your jewel tones! Except it doesn’t really work like that if EVERYONE is wearing the jewel tones, does it? Still, this time of year is dull enough without wearing clothes to match, so we don’t know why this model is looking so upset. Doesn’t she know that if the wind changes, her face might stay like that?

4. Trench coats

Fall fashion trends: trench coats

[La Redoute]

Hey, know what you could wear this fall? A trench coat! Bet you never thought of THAT, did you? Except, of COURSE you did. Because trench coats aren’t so much a fall fashion trend, as something that never, ever goes out of style. Ever. Buy one. Just maybe don’t wear it like this model…

5. Leather

Fall fashion trends: leather


Autumn is the perfect time of year to get in touch with your inner rocker /biker chick/ femme fatale with leather pencil skirts, trousers/leggings, biker jackets and anything else you fancy. Well, you’re not going to get much use of them in the height of summer, are you? As well as being warm and wind-proof, leather also works well with most of the so-called “trends” – it’s great with wool, tweed, jewel tones… trench coats (everything’s good with trench coats). Also looks good with retro hair and makeup, as seen above: why wouldn’t you wear it?

These are just five of the perennial fall fashion trends-that-aren’t-actually-trends, because they never go out of autumn style. Now, what have we missed?


  • September 15, 2012


    6. Western Style

    At least for the last four years or so. It’s kind of a combination of the above: (plaid, autumn colours, leather/suede) + hats + boots + fringes.
    And I must admit I love it. 🙂

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  • September 16, 2012


    I am actually really excited for all these trends. Especially plaid because I can finally be the dork in plaid flannels that I want to be.

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  • September 16, 2012

    Carolina W

    I’ve actually been trying to find a dark grey trench coat to use for my Halloween costume. Any ideas where I could get one?

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  • October 8, 2012


    Leopard print…. Though having said that, leopard print seems to be around all year round to me!

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