Fall Fashion Trends 2015: the 70s look

Well, you don’t have too look too far to figure out the fall fashion trends 2015, do you? A quick look at Zara’s ‘new-in’ section reveals that the 70s look is still alive and well – and just as big a fashion trend for fall 2015 as it was was for winter. And summer. And spring. And… we honestly can’t see an end in sight to this one, folks: which will be good news for some of you, and very bad news for others…

fall fashion trends 2015

A-line dress over wide culottes

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Culottes

The good news is that, as with most trends, the fall fashions don’t take the 70s look completely literally, so you’re not necessarily going to find clothes that are historically accurate, or which make you look like you stepped back in time – although if you WANT to look like that (and we honestly can’t imagine why you would), you won’t find it too difficult.

Instead, the look is 70s-inspired, taking key elements of the 70s look and giving it a more contemporary feel for fall 2015. Culottes, for instance, were huge this summer, and will continue to be a fall fashion trend for 2015, although they’ll come in heavier fabrics like denim:

fall fashion trends 2015: culottes

Fall fashion trends 2015: culottes at ZARA

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Flares

No 70s-inspired fashion trend would be complete without at least a few pairs of flares, and Zara have taken a somewhat incomprehensible approach to this, with the kind of wide-leg pants that make us suspect our old enemy, The Foot Snatcher, is on the loose again.

This isn’t a particularly practical look, because few people want to drag acres of fabric along city streets, especially in autumn and winter, but if you have them hemmed to the right length, you’ll get the same look without risking tripping over your own pants.

70s-inspired flares for fall 2015
70s-inspired flares for fall 2015

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Pussy bows and paisley print

We’ve lumped these two together, although they can obviously be worn separately, too. There’s something about a paisley-print pussy-bow blouse that just screams 70s, though, and you’ll be seeing quite a few of these on the rails for fall 2015: whether you decide to get on board with this particular fashion trend or not, is obviously up to you…

pussy-bow blouse- a fall 2015 fashion trend

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: A-Line Midis

Midi skirts and dresses have been a fashion trend for a few years now (Is it still a “fashion trend” if it’s lasted that long? Probably not…) and you can read our advice on how to wear a midi dress here.

This seasons 70s-inspired look, however, requires a different kind of midi, so forget the 50s-style big skirts (WE won’t forget them, obviously, because we love that look, and you’ll prise our full skirts off our cold, dead bodies. You can feel free to abandon them, though, if following 2015’s fashion trends is important to you…), and look instead for leaner, A-line versions, more in keeping with the 70s-look. You won’t have to look too far, either: Zara have tons of them in stock right now, and the rest of the high street won’t be far behind.

70s-fashion trends - a-line midi skirts

70s-inspired fashion trends for fall 2015: Suede

Suede coats. Suede jackets. Suede skirts. Suede bags. They’re all essential components of the fall fashion trends 2015, and while we’d personally advise not wearing them all at once, there’s no denying that doing exactly that will leave no one in any doubt that a) you’re totally on-trend and b) the 70s are back. Like, REALLY back:

fashion trends for fall 2015 - suede

Seventies inspired fall fashion trends for 2015: pinafores and dungarees

“Pinafores” and “dungarees” – two words guaranteed to put fear into the Fashion Police’s beating hearts. These items aren’t easy to pull off – in fact, if you’re not careful, you could find yourself up on ‘Dress Like a Toddler‘ charges, and no one wants that, do they?

Pinafores and dungarees can easily end up looking incredibly juvenile, and that’s the truth. They can also instantly create a 70s-inspired look, though – especially when paired with pussy bow tops, say, or any of those other fall fashion trends of 2015 – and that’s the truth, too. We’re not saying it’s a happy truth, necessarily … but it IS the truth.

70s fashion for fall 2015

The good news is that the 70s look isn’t your only option this coming season, however. There are other fall fashion trends to look out for…

Other fall fashion trends 2015


You know the kind of shoes the queen wears? THOSE.


You can probably blame 50 Shades for this one. That’s not ALL we blame 50 Shades for, mind you.


You might have noticed quite a few mini skirts in the photos above: those a-line midis aren’t the only skirts around for fall 2015.


Fur seems to be the “edgy” fashionistas weapon of choice most seasons, to be honest, but it’s particularly prevalent amongst the fall fashion trends 2015. Personally we think it’s sad that the fashion world continues to make real fur “fashionable” when there are so many great alternatives out there, but we’ll spare you the lecture, and simply note that fur boots, fur coats, fur bags, fur everything will be on show this fall.

These are, of course, just a few of the fall fashion trends 2015 will have to offer, so stay tuned for more reports from The Fashion Police…

[All items features are available at ZARA. Remember to deploy fashion trends with caution, and remember that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it: being a fashion victim is NEVER in style.]

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