Actualy (insider tip lol) french connection and topshop are bringing …

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actualy (insider tip lol) french connection and topshop are bringing in a whole lot of what they call “playsuits” which some are similar to this
i have seen them in pictures with bright heels, accesories jackets and belts and they look quite funkey although one of the pictures was a blck corset top joined onto black skinnies with green shrug green bangle green platforms and green belt, and it kinda looked salt and pepperish lol but it can look nice done right

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2009 Grammys – The Good: Katy Perry, Duffy, Jennifer Hudson,
shes gorgeous <3 🙂 and thats the best ive ever seen her look hope this classic look catches on and takes away from the Hammer pants and oversized shirts riverisland and topshop are trying to make us wear |:(

The 80s are making a fashion comeback: run!
My mum was a bit of a fashionista in the 80’s and loves this, but i honestly hate this
try taking like Hotpants and Pencil Skirts and updating them as much as you can

Wear or Die: Denim dresses
I Think i would wear dress B
but i can never really tell if i like a dress till i try it on or see it on a model

The worst shoes in the world ever? We think so.
Somthing Similar to these were in the shop where i bought my Haloween costume last year,
so i dont think there meant to be worn daily or anyhitng 😛

Where would you wear a studded unitard? Seriously?
to be honest i would wear the leotard under a skirt maybey, i think, maybey not.. maybey lol

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