Although I wouldn’t wear it myself, I disagree – it …

Comment on Eyizera Phoenix Silk Jumpsuit at ASOS. WHY? by Alessia.

Although I wouldn’t wear it myself, I disagree – it does not strike me as being a crime of fashion at all, rather an “ok” outfit. Although the fact that it’s silk sounds like a pain to wash/iron…

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Comme des Garçons for H&M – what do you think?
horrific. absolutely horrible. who would wear those?
could work for halloween I guess. scare the kiddies away 😉

Are square toed shoes making a comeback?
I like square-toed shoes in general – but not these ones.
The square ones actually leave more room for the toes, as opposed to shoes that get really thin in the end and kill my feet, litterally.

Toe Tights: like toe socks, only pantyhose
Actually I kinda like the idea – to wear with shoes that show your toes, when it’s sort of cold out, or if you got attacked by monster mosquitoes a few days ago, tights can lessen the red splotchy look.
Sound practical.

Krispy Kreme make grass flip flops. Fashion Police perplexed.
Oddly – I really think they are quite cute and would be nice to slip into after a looooong day in city shoes when at home – like kinda funky slippers.

Richard Chai for Target: your thoughts?
Will they be available online? I NEED that coat it is perfect!

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