Eyeball Jewellery: not fashionable


Oh God. Oh no. Oh, say it ain’t so, someone!

If you’d told us a few weeks ago there was something out there that would make us feel even more squeamish than the contact lens jewellery we featured back in July, we’d probably have told you to quit the crazy talk.

But there is something worse. It’s eyeball jewellery – yes, that’s jewellery that’s implanted into your actual eyeball, folks – and if you’re squeamish at all, take a friendly piece of advice and don’t, for the love of God, go Googling this subject. Seriously.

Now, eyeball tattooing isn’t a new idea. It’s actually been around for a lot longer than you’d imagine, and used to be done to correct the appearance of eye defects. This is slightly different, though. This involves the insertion of small pieces of jewellery into the the mucous membrane that lines the outer surface of the eyeball. For the sake of fashion.

The Fashion Police say this is very probably a bad idea. Who’s with us?

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