Evil evening wear apprehended by Fashion Police


Now, we know women in the, er, more mature age group don’t exactly have an easy job of it when it comes to finding flattering evening wear. But we’ll say it again: just because you’re no longer in your teens, you needn’t think we’re going to let you get away with dressing like the villainess from a panto, is that clear?

This dress was reported by Feike, who says: "Everything that could be wrong with a decent, nonrevealing dress is crammed into this one – it glitters, it’s frumpy, it has funky shoulders and if it isn’t the colour (and texture?) of vomit, it is the colour that will make you vomit. Also, the collar makes me think of snakes for some reason."

It makes us think of snakes too. Probably because it seems to have been designed to make the wearer look like a snake. So very wrong…

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