Everything You Need To Know About the Rihanna Luxury Fashion Line!

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So…we think Rihanna is from another world. She is not of this Earth. She is some sort of super-human. If you’re thinking that we’re crazy, just hear us out: There is nothing this woman cannot do.

230 million worldwide album sales? Check.

Fourteen number-one hits? Check.

Starring roles in blockbuster movies? Check.

Successful lingerie line? Check.

One of the best-selling makeup brands in the world? Check. Check. Check.

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On top of all those acheivements, Rihanna has various philanthropic endeavors and is known for her global activism. Do you see what we’re saying now? The woman has conquered literally everything – okay, almost everything. She’s expanding her horizons with an all-new business endeavor that has her fans absolutely shooketh. Last week it was announced that Rihanna is officially working on her very own luxury fashion line! That’s right, guys and girls. RihRih is entering the world of high-end fashion!

All the Details On the Rihanna Luxury Fashion Line

To be honest, the info on Rihanna’s new luxury fashion line is still limited. We know, we know. We’re dying for the details, too! Let us tell you what we do know so far:

The line is part of the LVMH family, the conglomerate that includes Dior, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. Talk about good company! The line will be developed by Rihanna, centered around her style and vision, and include a wide variety of fashion items. This includes ready to wear clothing, shoes, and accessories. Rihanna has been dedicated to creating products for absolutely everyone. She was praised for including plus-sized models in her runway shows for SavagexFenty and her makeup line has the widest shade range of any best-selling brand. Just as her lingerie line is, the luxury line will be all-inclusive. That means it will feature items for all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities!

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Much like Rihanna’s other business endeavors, Fenty Beauty and SavagexFenty, her fashion line will be called Fenty. Actually, it is being called ~ Fenty Maison ~ because this is an actual luxury fashion house, you guys. We told you this was the real deal! Insiders say that the first collection will be released this Spring. (Uhm…we’re in this spring. So where is it?!)

Fenty Maison is the first new luxury house taken on by LVMH in over thirty years! (The last was Christian Lacroix in 1987.)  According to the New York Times, Rihanna is the first woman to create a luxury brand for LVMH. Just look at our girl go! We told you she was out of this world…

So how excited are you for the new Rihanna luxury fashion line? We’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of the first collection and we’re pretty sure our readers will be as well!

fenty maison luxury clothing

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