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Fashion Police Gold Star for…Eva Mendes in yellow dress and over-the-knee boots at Heathrow Airport

Spl55626_0062London’s Heathrow Airport, like all airports, gets its fair share of fashion criminals in the shape of weary (and sometimes drunken) travellers heading off for a week in the sun, but it’s had its fair share of fabulous too recently. Earlier this month it played host to a very chic Victoria Beckham, and now here’s Eva Mendes, looking more like she’s about to star in a Bond movie than spend hours sitting on a plane.

We love the sixties vibe of this bright yellow mini dress and boots ensemble, while the requisite dark glasses and designer handbag add a glam touch. Great look, but we somehow doubt it’s what she wore to actually travel in.

What about you, readers: do you get all dressed up for the airport (and then switch into something a little more comfortable on the plane), or do you just go for comfort all the way when you’re travelling?

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