Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto: the £100,000 shoe

You won’t quite have diamonds on the soles of your shoes, should you buy these, but you will have diamonds everywhere else, because these shoes are made of solid gold, encrusted with around 30 carats of brilliant cut diamonds.

Which is why they cost £100,000 ($150,000). Wow…

The shoes also have heart-shaped soles and heels, which can be replaced when they start to show signs of wear (we’re not sure quite how much wear £100,000 shoes would get, mind you: we’d be too scared to step outside in them. Or even inside, come to think of it), and replacements are included in the price, the idea being that the shoe will last forever. Well, for that price it BETTER last forever, is all we’re saying…

Want a pair? Feel like selling your house, or possibly a kidney, to buy them? Read more here.

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