DOTD | Erdem ‘Macey’ duchesse-satin dress

Erdem Macey Duchesse satin dress

Erdem ‘Macey’ dress, $5,695

This dress is called ‘Macey’. Or, to give it its full title, “Erdem Green Carpet Challenge Macey embroidered duchesse-satin dress”.

We think we’ll just stick with “Macey”, though, if it’s all the same with you.

As you’ve probably guessed from the first part of that mouthful of a name, Macey here is an environmentally friendly soul. To quote Net-a-Porter:

“As conscientious as it is chic, Erdem’s duchesse-satin dress is crafted from an eco-friendlyNewlife™ fabric, blended with a touch of silk. This elegant, full-skirted style is hand-finished with OEKO-TEX® approved lace and fully lined for comfort. We love the delicate floral embroidery.”

We particularly liked that last line. They’re all, “Save the world, the environment is important, blah blah, OOH! FLORALS!” And don’t get us wrong: we feel them on this one, because yes, of course, the eco-friendly aspect of this dress is admirable, but let’s face it: we didn’t make it our Dress of the Day because of the Newlife fabric and OEKO-TEX approved lace, did we? No, we made it our DOTD because it’s completely freaking GORGEOUS, end of story.

(And, yes, eco-friendly. That too.)

We mostly love this for the full skirt (Have we ever met a full skirt we didn’t love? Nope, don’t think so.), which is structured enough to create tons of volume without the need for a petticoat, but the black and white floral print is also very striking in its simplicity. A dress like this doesn’t really need a whole lot of fussy detail to make it stand out, and we think Erdem have got this just right, with the demure little collar offsetting the “look at me” skirt nicely.

What we DON’T love about it so much is, you guessed it, the price. $5,695 is very far from “affordable” for most of us, but if it helps convince you to splurge, they ARE donating 20% of the proceeds to AIDS charity (RED).

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  • September 17, 2013


    I love it,too expensive though. 🙂

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  • September 23, 2013

    Judith Brunner

    nice dress, but the price made my eyes water

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