The Emperor’s New Tops by Topshop Boutique

Topshop Boutique sweaters

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“Hmmm,” we thought, “Those are some cute sweatshirts. Bit pricey at £50 each, mind you, but still: unusual colours, inoffensive enough shapes…. Nope, no crime being committed here, that’s for sure!”

Then we clicked on to the model images, and…

invisible clothing


It’s like that, is it.

invisible top

The visible labels are the best, aren’t they? They really make the outfit, you know? So edgy!

Now, we hate to point out the glaringly obvious here, and we do realise that these are (probably) intended to be layered over other items, but even so, there’s just no getting away from the fact that these garments are almost invisible to the naked eye. They’re just one small step away from wearing NOTHING.

And Topshop are charging £50 each for them.

This is the thing that astonishes us most about the whole “see through clothes” thing. If you buy one of these, you’ll be handing over £50 for something that barely even exists. It will perform absolutely no function whatsoever in keeping you warm, for instance, and although we don’t have a problem with that in itself – lots of fashion accessories have no practical use: they just look nice, and that’s an absolutely valid reason for their existence – they don’t really have much in the way of aesthetic value either, because they’re almost invisible. Sure, there’s a small wash of colour

(Also, and this is a purely personal thing, but one of those delicate looking scarps of thin fabric would last approximately 5 seconds here at Fashion Police HQ, because we’d probably shred it while trying to put it on –  and that’s if the police dog didn’t get to it first.)

Oh, and they’re dry clean only. Awesome.

Would you buy one of these? Do you think they’re worth the £50 price tag? Or do you think this is just yet another example of the Emperor’s new clothes? 

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