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Fashion Police Gold Star for…Emmy Rossum in yellow Oliver Tolentino at the Global Green Pre-Oscar party

Emmy Rossum in a yellow dress

It’s been a long time since we gave out a Fashion Police Gold Star, but today we feel like being generous and handing one out to Emily Rossum, for this lovely Oliver Tolentino dress. Actually, we’ll be honest: they way we feel about fashion right now, we’d probably give the Gold Star to ANYONE who wasn’t wearing a see-through dress. Or Uggs and pyjamas, which your Chief of the Police had the misfortune to witness yesterday. Or slightly grimy, strappy tank tops and leggings-as-pants, worn outdoors, in February, without a coat. Which your Chief ALSO witnessed yesterday, and seriously: how are these girls not absolutely freezing? How do they survive? Why is outerwear treated with such suspicion by a certain breed of fashion criminal? So many questions, absolutely none of which have anything whatsoever to do with Emmy Rossum, so about that…

Some of you may feel this dress is too sugary sweet and girlish to be wholesome. We hear you. But hey, at least she’s not naked, you know? Or wearing PJs? And we’d personally steal this dress right off her back if we hadn’t sworn to be fashion cops, not fashion robbers.

We think we might take the dress into custody anyway. For safe keeping. Emmy can keep the Gold Star, though…

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