Style Trial | Unusually embellished denim

We realise we’re fighting a losing battle here, but we firmly believe that denim is almost always at its best when its kept nice and simple. We don’t object to a bit of distressing, and it might surprise you to know that we don’t even TOTALLY hate the look of ripped jeans. (Just as long as it’s not taken to ridiculous levels…) What we can’t really bring ourselves to love, however, is THIS kind of thing:

House of Holland ripped jeans

House of Holland ripped jeans, £195

Now, we’ve seen worse, we’ll give you that. Especially from House of Holland. In fact, to be completely honest, these are really quite restrained from House of Holland. They’re also veering dangerously close to ‘subtle clown costume’ territory, and that’s certainly enough to trigger our fashion crime radar, although whether it’s enough to actually get them arrested is up to you.

Also up on trial today are these £535 pearl-embellished boyfriend jeans:

pearl studded jeans

Tu Es Mon Tresor pearl studded jeans, £535

For us, the main appeal of boyfriend jeans is that they create a “not trying too hard” look. Stitching hundreds of pearls onto your legs would definitely count as trying quite hard, as we think it kinda ruins the simplicity of the look, but if you disagree (and plenty of people obviously DO), these ones are selling out fast despite the high price tag, so you better grab ’em fast.


marc by marc jacobs cartoon jeans

Marc by Marc Jacobs cartoon jeans, £370

We’re guessing many of you will be too young to remember the late 80s/early 90s (lucky you!), but there was a trend during that time for “cartoon jeans”, which, as the name suggests, had giant, tacky cartoon figures stuck to them. (In a plasticy, applique material, which would gradually start to peel off with each wash: nice!). The Flintstones were popular, we seem to recall. Anyway, they looked almost exactly like these Marc by Marc Jacobs creations, and were also worn with high-top sneakers, complete with giant, puffy tongues, which had to stick straight up in the air, as in the image above. We’d hoped those times were gone for good. We were wrong.

What do you think, fashion force? These items are all On Trial: are they guilty or innocent? 


  • October 7, 2014


    OMGDESIGNER! If I had made these (it’s easy enough, for all three pairs) and put them up on ebay, they would remain unsold or would go for 1,- €. They are sold for the brand and nothing else. I’m glad it is not quite as easy to fake other things as it obviously is to fake fashion design. Harrumph!

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  • October 8, 2014

    Marine Mode Art

    In-between originality or ridiculous ? That’s all the question regarding contemporary fashion… Some lack of creation lead to these kind of style, obviously !

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  • October 9, 2014


    As a teen of the 1960s who got her patched jeans the honest way (wore them out and patched them myself in true hippy fashion, I have NEVER understood the desire to spend excess amounts of money to buy pre-ripped and patched jeans! Harrumph, harrumph, I say! Please don’t forget to give me my senior citizen’s discount.

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  • October 9, 2014


    I think the first pair are just perfect if you want to capture the youthful autumn look of having just rolled in a pile of leaves, but don’t actually want to roll!

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  • October 11, 2014


    Oh God these are just awful… They are over embellished, in fact they look like a really bad school project, using scraps of fabric… So as you have probably guessed, it’s a no from me!


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  • October 17, 2014


    I am so in love with these stylish jeans, they all look so cool.

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