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STYLE TRIAL | Elizabeth Olsen’s See-Through Dress from the Godzilla premiere

Elizabeth Olsen at the ‘Godzilla’ European premiere

OK, so “see-through” is possibly a bit of an exaggeration here. We can only see-through PART of Elizabeth Olsen’s dress here, and given the kind of thing we’re used to seeing on the red carpet these days, that’s no small thing.

With that said, we just don’t think we’re ever going to get fully on board with the “see-through skirt” trend. Because we’re old, presumably (just thought we’d get that out there to save you the trouble..). To us, though, this kind of look will also look like a wardrobe malfunction: as if the poor starlet got dressed, but forgot to put on the petticoat which was supposed to go with the dress. “Elizabeth,” we can almost hear her mother nagging her, “Don’t go out without your petticoat: remember what I’ve told you!”

But Elizabeth DID go out without her petticoat. Either that, or Elie Saab, who designed this dress, decided to corners, and missed a bit. It’s a shame, because it’s a stunning dress, which would be even more stunning with an extra layer of fabric under the skirt: sometimes we think designers seem to feel the need to be “edgy” at all costs, and most of the time, “edgy” translates as “you have to be able to see underwear”. It happens so often now that a sheer skirt is in danger of no longer being edgy at all: it’s just becoming the norm. (This is a good thing, actually: if see-through clothes become “the norm”, then presumably NON-sheer clothes will start to seem “edgy” in comparison, and we’ll all get to be fashion-forward, while wearing exactly what we’ve always worn…)

Still, we reckon Elizabeth Olsen is managing to pull this one of, so we’re inclined NOT to arrest her. What do you think?

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