Crimes of Fashion

EAR Fashion: Calourette Ear Ring

Silver ring with two ears by Calourette

Sometimes the items we arrest are large, in-your-face fashion criminals: the kind of items of clothing which no one could possibly miss, were you to walk down the street in them. And sometimes they’re smaller, more subtle details, which still make us do a double take and wonder if some designer is trying to mess with us again.

This ear ring by Calourette falls into the latter category. Yes, those are two ears on the front. No, we can’t really think of a less likely object to put on a piece of jewellery. Well, have YOU ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself: you know what this outfit needs? An extra pair of EARS! Because the two I have on my head just AREN’T ENOUGH. (If you have, you actually sound like the kind of person we’d love to have a drink with sometime. We bet you have some stories to tell…)

The fact  that this ring is relatively small and unobtrusive, however, makes us see it almost as a Fashion Criminal badge of honour: a secret signal by which fashion criminals will be able to recognise each other, even if they’re not committing any obvious crimes in the rest of their outfit that day. It’s like the Peep Toe Boot Rule, only much more subtle.

Want to join the club? It’s £99 and you can click here to buy it at ASOS.

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