Trend Trial: Dungarees

DUNGAREES: the word alone is enough to strike fear into a Fashion Police’ officer’s beating heart.

We’ve made no secret of our dislike of the bib overall – or “dungas” as Vogue likes to call them. To us, they’re a really easy way to look like an overgrown toddler, or alternatively, like a farm boy, and while we have nothing against either toddlers or farm boys, we’d rather leave that particular look to them, thanks very much. With dungarees – sorry, “dungas” – being touted as one of the big fashion trends of the year, however, and the stores we love slowly starting to fill up with denim overalls, we figured it was time to re-visit that opinion, and ask you…

Are dungarees a crime of fashion?

denim dungarees with flatform shoes

Bleach dungarees, Topshop

As with all of our style and trend trials, your answer to this question is going to come down to a matter of personal taste. Although we like to put fashion tends “on trial”, there really is no right or wrong answer here, which is why it’s a good job The Fashion Police aren’t actually real. As Vogue notes, dungarees, perhaps more than most items, tend to inspire a “love ’em or hate ’em” response in people: we’re describing them as a “trend” here because they appeared on many of the Spring 2013 runways, and are currently going through something of a fashion revival because of that. For those who love them, however, dungarees have never been OUT of fashion… and to those who hate them, they’ll never be in style.

Which side are you on in the great dungaree debate? Are you welcoming their current “trend” status as a great opportunity to indulge in one of your favourite looks, or do you find yourself yelling “Call The Fashion Police!” every time you see a pair?

How do you feel about dungarees? Take a look at our gallery and then tell us what you think…

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