Dressing like a Toddler: Killah Sequin Bunny Sweat Top

Awww – lookit! An ickle bunny wabbit! Wiv sparkly bits! How cuuuuute!

Cute on a four year old? Yes. Possibly even cute on a ten year old. A teenager might just pull this off with enough “innocent chic” aplomb, and worn with a dash of irony I can even see it cropping up in the lecture theatre… But we’re going to stick our necks on the line and say that if you’ve graduated? You most likely can’t pull this one off.

Which is a shame, because you know we’re all about the stripes!

So, will you be channelling your inner toddler this season? If so hop (yes, we went there) on over to Oli.co.uk where £40 will buy you a free pass to nursery school – and possibly a few bemused looks to boot!

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