Dressing Like a Toddler Christmas edition: River Island grey reindeer print leggings

river island grey reindeer print leggingsIt is true, we would all like our legs to be considered deer-like, and it is also true that few of us are blessed with cervine pins… but the Fashion Police can unequivocally state that popping a few reindeer on your leggings is never the answer!

Indeed, patterned tights like these, with their banded design, are more likely to draw attention to the bits many of us would frankly rather hide, broadening calves and thighs and drawing the eye down towards the knee region…

And that’s before we’ve even touched on the fact that Christmas-themed clothes? Are pretty much always a crime!

If you fancy rocking the reindeer look this winter, you can pick these leggings up at River Island for £24.99.

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