Dress(es) of the Day | Stripe prom dresses from F&F and Topshop

stripe prom dresses

L-R: F&F, Topshop

It’s a double-whammy DOTD for you today as we bring you, not one, but two stripe prom dresses!

We discovered the dress on the left of the image first: it’s by Tesco’s F&F line, which we’ve been increasingly impressed with lately. You might remember the “winter” floral scuba dress which cropped up as a DOTD alternative a couple of weeks ago: having now had the opportunity to examine the suspect in person, we can confirm that it’s a lovely dress, and excellent quality for the price, so we have high hopes of this stripe number, too. It’s made from the same scuba fabric, so it should be hard-wearing and crease-free. The design, meanwhile, is one that’s always going to appeal to us: the black and white horizontal stripes call to mind some Kate Spade creations from earlier in the year, and the 50s-inspired shape is brought up to date with a hem designed to hit a couple of inches above the knee. This is £35, and you can find it at Clothing at Tesco.

We were all set to declare the F&F dress as our solitary DOTD, but then we happened to stumble across this very similar dress from Topshop. This is pink-and-white rather than black-and-white, and the skirt is significantly shorter, but the only other difference between the two dresses is the price: at £80, the Topshop dress is more than twice the price of the F&F version.

We love the colour of the Topshop dress, but much prefer a slightly longer hem (OK, a MUCH longer hem: we’d like the F&F version even better if it was knee-length, but that’s just us), so this would be an easy choice for us, especially taking the price difference into consideration.

What about you: which dress would you go for, if you had to pick one?

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