Dress(es) of the Day | ASOS Skater dress with floral embroidery

ASOS skater dress with floral embroidery

ASOS skater dress, £75

It’s a little bit shorter (OK, make that a BIG bit shorter… ) than the dresses we normally feature in this slot, but for those of you who like your hems mini-length, we think this is a cute little dress for summer.

From the slightly higher-priced ASOS Collection line, the intricate embroidery on the hem and bodice help account for the more-expensive-than-we’d-expect-from-ASOS price tag, but at £75 it’s not extortionate either. The beautiful, cobalt blue colour, meanwhile, is really striking, and provides a nice backdrop for the different colours in the embroidered sections.

If this is just a little too short for you, however, here’s a longer option, in a similar style:

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress With Embroidery, £68

Unfortunately for us, this one isn’t available in that bold blue colour (If it was, it would probably be on its way to Fashion Police HQ as we write this…), but it’s still a sweet little dress, with a real “hippy chick” vibe to it, which makes us want to braid our hair, then weave flowers into it. Or maybe not.

Sticking with the same length and shape, our officers were also intrigued by this dress:

midi spot skater dress

Midi skater dress in spot print with button-off waist, £47.20

We’ve always been partial to a bit of spot print, and not only does this deliver a double-whammy with the two different colours, it also has the ability to transform itself into a skirt and top at the touch of a button. (Well, at the touch of a FEW buttons: the skirt is buttoned to the bodice, and you simply undo those buttons to separate them). It’s basically the opposite of Stuck Together Clothes, then, and, having spent years complaining about how lacking in versatility the aforementioned S-T-Cs are, we feel we have to support this “two for the price of one” deal.

What do you think of this idea? Would you be more or less likely to buy a dress that’s also a skirt and top?

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  • March 4, 2014

    Fiftn UK

    I love the blue one, the shape is so adorable and the embroidery adds up a touch of class.

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