Dress of the Day has moved!

      ASOS pleated cami dress, £38 You might have noticed that our Dress of the Day column has been more like “Dress of the Every So Often” lately. It’s not that we haven’t been spotting dresses we love: far from it, in fact –  the current spring/summer collections have provided us…


      Five party dresses under £25

      pink strapless prom dress, £20; oriental print dress, £18; silver jacquard dress, £20; red crepe dress, £18 A £20 party dress, which you can pick up at the supermarket, and pay for along with the rest of your groceries? It doesn’t exactly SOUND like the most stylish solution to a Christmas…


      Nina Ricci silk bird-print dress

      Nina Ricci bird-print dress, £760 There are those who’d say that bird-print (and specifically swallow-print) has had its day, and is now well and truly played-out, but fashion designers don’t seem to have got that particular memo yet, so they’re still continuing to churn out bird-print dresses: probably because plenty…