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Style on Trial: Vanessa Bruno V-neck tiered tank dress

Dress Hmmmm. So, we know we have a clear and unfair bias towards dresses with actual waistlines, but it’s hard to imagine anyone looking at this dress and not being ever so slightly reminded of a sack. A pretty, silky, lilac sack, to be fair, but still a sack: and we’re sure we don’t need to remind you that sacks are for carrying things in, not for paying $718 to wear.

Still, women come in all shapes and sizes, and have all kinds of tastes and preferences, so we’re going to try to cast our own feelings about Vanessa Bruno’s v-neck tank dress aside for the moment, and consult those of our readers.

What do you think of this dress? "Feminine meets fashion forward," as ShopBop describe it, or "A very upmarket sack," which is what The Fashion Police would say?

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