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Winter coats: Collectif

Remember Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, and her amazing selection of outerwear? At this time of year, we often wonder why more people don’t take a leaf out of Blair’s book and turn their trusty winter coats into outfits all on their own, as opposed to simply the warm covering you use to HIDE the outfit underneath. We’re not suggestion you go all-out like Blair, of course, but when you spend so much time in a particular item of clothing, a few small touches can go a long way to making that drab winter coat look a little more glamorous. We’re talking about little things like…

Switching out the buttons

Many coats come with perfectly serviceable, but not particularly interesting, buttons. Switching them for something more stylish is one of those little details that can make a big difference, and it’s also quick and easy to do by yourself. You can find unusual buttons in haberdashery sections of stores, or try a search of your local thrift store: you may well find a cheap cardigan or jacket with some fantastic buttons which you can cut off and use. (Don’t forget to check the clothes that are already in your closet too, particularly any ones you’re thinking of getting rid of!)

Changing or adding a belt

Many coats come with their own belt, often in the same colour and fabric of the coat itself. There’s nothing wrong with those belts, but if you want to give your coat a different, or dressier, look, try ditching the belt it came with and adding one of your own instead, perhaps in a contrasting colour or fabric. This can be a really easy way to keep updating your look, and as a belt is a relatively small (and inexpensive) detail, you can afford to be a little more adventurous with it than you would with the coat itself.

Accessorizing with statement jewellery

We think nothing of adding brooches and necklaces to our regular outfits to make them a little more “fancy”, but very few people seem to take the time to accessorize their outerwear. Wearing a necklace over your coat might be a bit TOO “Blair Waldorf” for some, but if you can pull it off it, it will add instant glamour. Failing that, brooches or corsages are easy and effective ways to add interest to outerwear without looking too try-hard.

Updating your scarf collection

It’s almost too obvious to mention, but scarves don’t JUST keep you warm in winter – they also look good, too. Experiment with different ways to tie your scarf and use it as an accessory, as well as something warm. An oversized bow or creative braid can look much more stylish than simply stuffing your scarf under your coat. Lost for inspiration? Pinterest is your friend…

Got any tips on how to accessorize a coat? We’d love to hear them!


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