Dress or Top? Missoni Amalia knitted dress

Missoni Amalia knitted dressYes, you are reading that correctly.  Missoni think this is a dress.  The Fashion Police would wager that if something doesn’t cover your butt, it is not, in fact, a dress.  We would call it a top.

Fortunately My Theresa (the site on which this misnomer was spotted) recognise this and have posted the warning: “Rather short and very sweet. Style it as a top or dress.”  And we are very grateful that they have because you just know that someone (Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, usual suspects) will try to wear this as a dress with nothing but large pants and tights (if we’re lucky) underneath it.  My Theresa have even styled it with trousers so you know they are not fooled into thinking it’s a dress.  To be fair, they do state that the mannequin is 5’11” and so if you are say, 4’11” then yes, it might perhaps work as a dress on you.

Are you 4’11” and would you wear it as a dress?  If you’re not, but you like the garment anyway, then you can buy this sweater for €569 here.

What is it, readers: dress or top?


  • July 20, 2010


    I’m actually just brushing 4’11”, and this would be about mid-thigh on me. And really, for petite girls like me, this is quite flattering. It makes our legs look longer and slimmer. I can definitely see it on a petite girl with some high-heeled ankle boots. It’s really not my style at all, personally, but I can see how it would be for some.

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  • July 20, 2010


    top…on a short or tall woman…if something doesn’t even cover the mannequin’s arse how can it be called a dress…unless it is the emperer’s new dress…

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