Dress of the Day: Tulle spot prom dress by Dress Up Topshop


(Tulle spot prom dress, £75, Topshop: Click here to buy it)

This dress is from Topshop’s ‘Dress Up Topshop’ collection, which, as the name suggests, is a collection of dresses. Do you see what they did there?

According to Topshop, there are two different ways to wear this dress. Well, we mean, we’re sure there are more than just  two ways, but there are just two which they’ve chosen to illustrate: the traditional, pretty-prom-dress way shown above (i.e. add shoes, a bag, and maybe some jewellery and you’re good to go), and this, more casual way:

(Aside: this model really looks like she means BUSINESS, no? No one’s going to be accusing HER of looking all girlie in her tulle prom dress, no siree.)

(We also like her shoes. OK, we’ll stop with the parentheses now.)

Ah, the old prom dress “toughened up” with t-shirt n’ tights trick! Fashion magazines are very fond of showing us how to “toughen up” very traditional style dresses, but does it work, we ask you? Because we always die a little on the inside when we see this happen.*  It’s like the person wanted to wear the dress, but then, once she put it on, she got all sel-conscious about it and tried to downplay it, like, “Who, me? No, I’m not wearing a prom dress. *Whistles*) And we say OWN IT, sister. If you want to wear the pouffy dress, wear it. Save the thick tights for something else.

Then again, if we were feeling generous, we could just choose to see this as an easy way to make an evening dress look a little more casual. Because, after all, it’s not like you can realistically just walk around the supermarket, or whatever, in a strapless prom dress, can you?

What do YOU think? Which way do you prefer this dress?

*Note: not really. It IS just a dress, after all.

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