Dress of the Day: Trashy Diva Liz Dress

red dress with full skirt and wide neckline

Trashy Diva Liz dress, $163

Well, we DID tell you we loved Trashy Diva, and for our final DOTD this week, we thought we’d return to one of our favourite stores and pick out a little something wonderful.

This ‘Liz’ dress is just that. The full skirt and nipped-in waist gives it an old-fashioned feel, while the low, wide neckline will show off some cleavage, in a way that’s far classier than the phrases “low neckine”, “red dress” and “cleavage” would possibly suggest.

Trashy Diva describe this as “the perfect bridesmaid’s ┬ádress”. We have no argument with that, but we also don’t see why bridesmaids should get all the fun – or all the dresses, as the case may be – and we think this could be suitable for any kind of, er, maid, with a good reason to get dressed up.

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