That embroidery is really awful, and the dress is waaaaay …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Marchesa embroidered silk-organza dress by Melanthios.

That embroidery is really awful, and the dress is waaaaay too busy for being so short. Maybe if it were longer, it would work.

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Dress of the Day: Vivien spot duchess satin dress from Coast
For that price I want them to match the pattern on those seams. Otherwise the dress is okay for a short pencil skirt.

Taylor Momsen wraps up on the set of Gossip Girl
Beautiful AND practical! That so rarely happens!

Angelina Jolie pairs navy and black while out with Brad Pitt in NYC
They both look great, though they don’t compliment each other clothing-wise, which is kind of a problem. Well… the hell kind of shirt is Brad wearing? Heather grey makes everyone look trashy, babe.

Michelle Trachtenberg at 2010 NBC Universal’s Press Tour Cocktail Party
I think it’s wonderful just how it is. It draws all the attention up to her face and that gorgeous necklace.

Celebrity Style on Trial: Rachel McAdams at the Madrid premiere of Sherlock Holmes
Honey, wear something that works for your colouring; and stand up straight, without your toes facing in. This isn’t an anime.

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