Dress of the Day: Felipe Oliviera Baptista green strapless dress


 We hesitated over this one, really we did. You see, the £1,180 price tag made us turn as green as the dress, but the fact is: we love it, and you can't help what you love, can you? We love the combination of red and green (who says they should never be seen?), the suggestion of an hourglass shape, and the little fold over peaks on the neckline, which don't really show up on this picture, but which are there, trust us. If it was a little – or, OK, a LOT – cheaper, we'd be all over this, so we couldn't not make it our Dress of the Day. It's by Felipe Oliviera Baptista, and you can buy it at Browns.

Please, Gods of the High Street, make a budget version of this? We promise to be really, really good…

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