I can’t believe so many people hate it :/ It looks …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Blue butterfly-print dress by Love by cloots.

I can’t believe so many people hate it :/
It looks like a flattering cut- Is it the color?
I kind of wish It was a different color…

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it doesn’t make any sense! At least with some stuck together clothes you can see here they’re coming from with it.
People do wear socks with shoes and they do tuck their shirt into their pants.
Who the h*ll ever wears a shirt longer than the miniskirt it’s paired with?

also it looks cheap an ill fitting as hell, too.

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I was going to say something similar- the dress is making her look really, TINY.
Not only short, but…
Like a miniature person. Wearing scraps from bigger clothes…..

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Defineletely cute!
very christmas-y look which could limit when/where you could wear it but cute.

Marni give us two cardigans for the price of one six
absoloutley hideous. nothing nice to say about it at all ;P

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