Dress of the Day: Zac Posen’s ‘Cove’ satin dress


We know the party season is over at last, and it’s time to put away the sequins and stilettos for another year (What, you weren’t wearing sequins and stilettos?), but we thought we may as well start the New Year with a bit of a bang, so here’s Zac Posen’s stunning ‘Cove’ satin dress. Sure, it’s £1,115, but if we start saving now, we can probably be wearing it by next Christmas. Get it at Net-a-Porter.

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Dress of the Day: Black and gold lamé tuxedo dress by Nicole Miller

Tuxedo_dress The words "gold lamé" are generally enough to strike fear into The Fashion Police’s beating hearts, because they make us think instantly of American Apparel hotpants, and it’s taken years of therapy to get rid of those mental images so the last thing we want is to welcome them back with open arms.

With that said, we’ve managed to talk ourselves into both looking at and liking this black and gold lamé tuxedo dress by Nicole Miller, and now we’re even liking it enough to make it Dress of the Day. Progress for us.

Of course, you may disagree, but we think it’s rather cute, and the fact that it’s gold rather than white will make you less likely to look like a waitress, no?

It’s $350 at eDressMe.

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Dress of the Day: Purple self-spot dress from Debenhams

Purple_dress Ah, vintage-style dresses with actual waistlines, how we love you! And what a refreshing change you make from all those empire lines and tunics we’ve been having to put up with for the past few years!

This Debenhams dress scores points on a few different levels here:

1. The vintage tea-dress shape, which is just begging to be worn with seamed stockings and maybe one of those cloche hats we’ve been admiring lately.

2. The colour. We love deep purple (the colour, not the band) for winter, and this will make a nice alternative to stark black.

3. The price – just £30 at Debenhams. Now, you can’t complain about that now, can you?

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Dress of the Day: Green tie strap sundress at New Look

Sundress_3 At long, long last, summer is in the air here at Fashion Police towers, and, to celebrate, today’s Dress of the Day is a suitably summer number – this green sundress from New Look.

This is just a simple dress, but we can’t help but love the green colour and, having seen this dress in person, we know that the skirt is a particularly full one, which makes it great for swishing around in through summer meadows. Or something like that, anyway.

The best bit? It’s only £20…

Want to nominate a Dress of the Day? Email us a link to the dress of your dreams, and we’ll do the rest …

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Dress of the Day: DKNY floral accent strapless dress at Shopbop


Making a triumphant return to our screens as the face of this DKNY strapless dress, let’s have a huge Fashion Police welcome, folks, for The Redhaired One from Shopbop! (Who is actually called either Elena or Elana, we’re not sure which.) Doesn’t she look fierce in today’s Dress of the Day, which we hesitate to call a "classic Little Black Dress with a twist" because it’s such a cliché, but,er, that’s what it is. It’s $295 from Shopbop and is short, sweet and As Seen On The Redhaired One. What more could you ask?

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Dress of the Day: Dior’s Pink Full-Skirt Knit Dress


I picked this Dior dress as today’s Dress of the Day, not just because of my sudden, yet all-consuming, boredom with black dresses, but because there’s something just so ladylike about it, and despite all evidence to the contrary, I love me some "ladylike".

That said, I don’t think this dress is shown to its best on this particular model (if only we could see it on The Red Haired One!), who, to my embarrassment, I actually mistook for a mannequin when I first looked at this. The pose, the sharp angle of her elbow. the makeup and the dress all combine to make this look like something you’d see standing in a dusty shop window circa 1952, and I don’t know why, but I kinda like that about it. I just don’t think I’d pay $2,140 for it…

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Dress of the Day: Black strapless flounce dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Littleblackdress Black is often seen as "boring" when it comes to party wear, and it’s true that the little black dress is the failsafe of many a desperate woman with nothing to wear. There’s a reason why this look is a classic, though, and that reason is epitomised by Dolce & Gabbana’s black strapless flounce dress.

Designed to flatter the figure with its nipped in waist and slightly ruffled bodice, the flounces on the hem and buckle detail at the waist make it a little more interesting than some LBDs we could mention. All it needs is a fabulous pair of heels in any colour you like, and you’re good to go. Assuming you have $1285 to pay for it, obviously.

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Dress of the Day: Long sleeved dress by Azzedine Alaia


This is such a simple dress, but it’s the kind of thing every woman should have in her wardrobe, because it will take you just about everywhere – work, play, dinner … OK, maybe not to the gym, say, but you get what I mean. Dress it up with a wide patent corset-belt, or make it look prettier with a bow. It’ll look great with dress shoes – in fact, those Delman stilettos we featured earlier today would be gorgeous with it, but it’ll look equally good with long leather boots. Can you tell that I really want it? It’s by Azzedine Alaia and is £1285 at Browns.

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Dress of the Day: Grey corsgae dress by Vera Wang


I’m seriously considering asking someone to block the Net-a-Porter website from my computer. I mean, I work from home; I spend most days in skinny jeans and vest tops, and entire days can pass without me seeing anyone other than my husband  and the postman. Clearly, then, I have no use for this Vera Wang dress, but  because  Net-a-Porter will show it to me, I’m now sitting here entertaining thoughts along the lines of "Well, I could totally just wear it around the house, what’s to stop me?" and "$1300 isn’t that much, is it?"

Damn you, Net-a-Porter. Go pick on someone your own size…

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Dress of the Day: Green polka dot ‘Darling’ dress from Forever 21


‘Darling’ by name and darling by nature… I know the empire line on this dress would make me look pregnant, but it’s so sweet that I might even be persuaded to overlook that just this one. Of course, as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too much green and you can never have too many polka dots (note: you actually can, but I won’t tell if you don’t) so the combination of the two has me salivating on my keyboard. Nice image for your there. Anyway, it’s $27.80 at Forever 21, and cheap at twice the price, if you ask me.


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Dress of the Day: Anthropologie’s Groves of Palm sundress


While some floral prints really should come with a health warning, there are others I could definitely live with. This green strapless dress from Anthropologie might be a little too sweet to be wholesome where some of you are concerned, but I love it – and not just because it’s my favourite colour. This is one of those dresses that could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion – but given that Anthropologie don’t actually ship to the UK, it doesn’t look like it’ll be seen on any of the occasions in my life. Shame.

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Dress of the Day: Shoshanna Eyelet Sundress in summery lemon


It’s been raining here since … well, since forever, really… but I’m still all about summer dresses. I like to imagine that I might one day get to wear one: it’s just a pipedream, but hey, you never know. If I was in a position to be buying a sundress right now, this lemon Shoshanna number would be right at the top of my list. I’ve been loving yellow since last winter, when it was around in mustard hues – for summer, this pale lemon is just right, and although this is, technically speaking, an empire waistline, which I normally hate, I think it’s defined enough not to matter. Gorgeous.

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