The Dress-Like-A-Toddler Trend Gathers Pace

You know, it’s probably not fair to describe the Style Suspects in this post as being victims of the “Dress Like a Toddler Trend“. After all, how many toddlers do YOU know who have a hat like THIS:

stuffed animal hat

[Buy it here for £343]

Yes, this is a hat. A £343 hat. For adults. We guess many toddlers would LIKE to own a hat like this, but you don’t tend to see a lot of them (or not so far, anyway), so you’re more likely to find something like this sitting amongst a heap of stuffed animals on a single bed somewhere than on the head of an actual grown-up. Piers Atkinson, however (For ’tis he who brings us this offering) is hellbent on making us walk around with stuffed animals balanced on our heads, and if that sounds like an awesome idea to you, then we guess you might also like this:

stuffed fox handbag

[Buy it here for £517]

It gives new meaning to the words “fox fur”, doesn’t it? And also to the words “designer handbag”, now we come to think of it. Seriously, imagine being told someone had bought you a designer handbag, and excitedly opening the box to find… this. Even if you think it’s cute, we’re pretty sure you could find something similar at Toys-R-Us and customise it. OR, of course, you could cough up £517  (That’s almost $900, in case you were wondering) and get yourself the original: it’s up to you.

Finally, this item is only tangentially related to the “Dress Like a Toddler” theme, but we don’t have a “Dress Like a Character from Game of Thrones” category, so…


[Buy it here for £635]

This is a crown. An actual CROWN. It’s really quite beautiful, as crowns go, but assuming you’re NOT royalty, where would you wear a crown, we wonder? We HAD assumed this was part of the usual  “It’s festival season, so people will wear anything,” nonsense, but we can’t imagine wearing ANYTHING worth that much money to a festival, can you?

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