Dress like a toddler meets the 90s flashback

Ahh, the denim floral pinafore dress. Beloved of tiny tots and early 90s grunge fans in equal measure, and most often paired with Doc Martens and holey tights – by the latter at least. The Fashion Police recall the last time these were fashionable…

It wasn’t a good look then, and we’re no more convinced this time around. This particular Officer remembers quite clearly leaning against the juke box at youth club in a very similar dress, playing and replaying Eternal Flame by The Bangles. See, if that hasn’t put you off we’re probably wasting our breath.

But if you want to cash in on the nostalgia vibe you can do so via Topshop, where this beauty is retailing at £38. Or if you’re very small, nip to your local children’s department for the same look at a fraction of the cost!


  • January 24, 2011


    Is it wrong that I like this?

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  • January 25, 2011


    15 Year Old Daughter saw it and said “that’s kinda cool”. *sigh* I may have to disown her.

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