Dress of the Day | Zara fitted checked dress

Zara fitted checked dress

Zara fitted checked dress, £59.99

Last winter, Zara released a grey checked pencil dress which was very similar to this one, but with a slightly higher neckline. Your Chief of Police bought it, loved it, and is looking forward to getting lots of use out of it this autumn too – and possibly to giving it an accomplice, in the form of this navy blue version, which appears to be this season’s version of That Dress.

This is £59.99, and it’s a shame that Zara tend to favour a rather drab kind of styling on their website, because we’re pretty sure the images aren’t doing it justice. If last year’s dress is anything to go by, this is basically the perfect pencil dress for winter: the style is classic, the length hits just on or below the knee, depending on your height (perfect for wearing with heels, in other words), and, best of all, it has SLEEVES. OK, so they ARE three-quarter length sleeves, which are a little bit of a bugbear of ours: they look nice, sure, but when you live in a cold climate (or are just someone who feels the cold), you need every extra inch of fabric you can get to stay warm. But hey: dresses with sleeves are no longer quite as hard to find as they used to be, but they’re still not as common as we’d LIKE them to be, so we’re willing to let this one go.

The check fabric, meanwhile, is fashionable right now, but is one of those prints which never really goes OUT of fashion, and which we’d consider to be a winter classic. The navy colour is a nice change from black, and the little shots of red through it help brighten it up, too.

Want to find out if we’re right about the photos not doing this one justice? You can find it here, and put that theory to the test.

Buy it here.

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