Dress of the Day |Warehouse zip-waist jacquard dress

gold sixties-style mini dress

Warehouse gold jacquard mini dress, £60

This dress fails the “fingertip test” for shortness*: if you look at the model’s hands, you’ll see the skirt doesn’t quite reach the end of her fingertips – quelle horreur!  Now, we wouldn’t normally go for something quite that short (Although, to be fair, the model IS 5’10”, so it probably wouldn’t be quite that short on everyone), but on this dress, we think the length totally works. Our basic rule with short skirts is that they need to be worn with a high neck, and a shape that isn’t too tight. This 60s-inspired shift dress fits the bill in both of those respects: it’s not loose, but it’s not skin-tight either, and the neckline is more than high enough to make up for the hem. So it’s all good, basically.

We also like the fabric of this dress: the gold jacquard is dressy and luxurious, without looking too over-the-top, and the zips at the waist are a nice extra touch.

Finally, we also love the model’s hair. That has absolutely nothing to do with the dress, obviously, but that short, sharp bob DOES go really well with it, we must admit.

This is £60 at Warehouse, and available in UK sizes 6 – 16.


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*The fingertip test, for the uninitiated, dictates that if you stand with your arms by your sides, your skirt should be at least long enough to reach the end of your fingertips. We’re not saying we agree with this rule, necessarily (and so-called fashion rules are made to be broken, after all… or some of them are): we’re just putting it out there as an arbitrary standard which some people like to apply to hemlines.

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