Dress of the Day | Oasis swallow-print skater dress (in two lengths!)

oasis brid print dress

Oasis swallow-print skater dress, £48

Bird-print dresses never seem to go out of style – and nor do skater dresses, for that matter.

This swallow-print dress from Oasis, however, managed to grab our attention today for two reasons:

1. The colour. For some reason, bird print dresses generally tend to come in either navy or black, so this bottle green makes a nice change.

2. The fact that it comes in two different lengths.

Now, granted, there’s not a HUGE amount of difference between the lengths of the two dresses shown above. Both of them hit a good few inches above the knee, so it’s not like Oasis have provided us with the choice between mini and midi… or even mini and knee-length, which would’ve been nice. Still, it’s nice to see a little bit of variety available in hem lengths (Seriously, how many times have you picked up a dress and thought, “That’s cute!”, only to realise it won’t even cover your underwear? Or, conversely, have loved the look of a “midi”, which turns out to be almost ankle-length on you? Us too.), and Oasis actually have a couple of dresses available right now in a choice of lengths, so we think they deserve some kudos for that.

Some other items we think Oasis deserve some praise for right now:

pastel coat

Pastel car coat, £110

Pastel outerwear isn’t going anywhere fast, and we’re not complaining: it’s definitely still cold enough for coats right now, and we’d rather wear pastel ones than add to the gloom in dull blacks or browns. Oasis have released this coat in a few different colours now, but we really like this lilac version, which will at least make a change from all of the pink we’re seeing at the moment.

While we’re on the subject of the weather….

umbrella shirt

Umbrella shirt, £38

A rainy day calls for an umbrella-print shirt. Also an ACTUAL umbrella, if you know what’s good for you, but hey, the shirt’s cute too…

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